About the Company

We started our mobile journey on a mission to build the best mobile shopping experience in Europe.

We built a chart-topping, multi-award winning mobile app.

This has given us the insight and appetite to continue innovating in mobile. We're now focussed on creating the future of mobile commerce - and so the Mobula platform has evolved.

We believe the future of mobile commerce exists beyond an individual retailer or brands’ mobile app. We believe in a future where commerce happens seamlessly within the native apps the world spends their time on; such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat.

We call this future Native Commerce.

Our mission is to power Native Commerce, enabling brands to exploit the massive shift in consumer web browsing to mobile and the emerging commerce opportunities presented by native social media applications. We believe this future is nearer than you think.


The Founders

Dan and Joel have been best friends since they were 7, going to school in London and University in Nottingham.

They’ve founded 3 businesses, and even written a screenplay together. They’ve only ever had one argument, which happened on the first day of their year abroad living in South America.

To this day they both still think they were right.

Daniel Murray

Dan was the UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015, part of the Drapers 30 under 30, and started one of the largest founder communities in London.

He loves writing on his blog and now a monthly column in Retail Week.

He recently launched a podcast on secretleaders.com interviewing some of the most influential leaders in the UK including the Royal Family.

His proudest achievement is his 2 cats, Archie and Bells, and their impressive Instagram page with over 10k followers

Joel Freeman

Joel is the only person to date to have qualified as an ACA and designed an award winning fashion app on the back of a napkin.

Interested in starting businesses from a young age, which led to an accidental delivery of 1m playing cards in London Bridge with no means to distribute them. #LiveandLearn.

Obsessed with the future of mobile he now sits on the Facebook Client Council and spends his days thinking about selling through social apps.


The Award Winning Team

We’re a team of 20 passionate mobile enthusiasts. It’s all we do, every day, and it shows. We’ve won awards, been featured in every major publication, but most importantly, made our users happy with a great experience that makes shopping on mobile simple, delightful and fun.

Work With Us

Mobula is the future of Native Commerce. We offer a perfect, native retail experience. Are you ready? Let’s chat and find out if your brand is a good fit for the Mobula platform.